Google’s Local Ads Tips for Shopping Season

According to Google’s research, 50% of North American shoppers say they check for in-store inventory online before going into a store. 

Check out Google’s Local Ad Solutions:

  1. Get your local inventory online: Merchants participating in local inventory advertisements and promotions in Australia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States can use the beta version of local promotions, and can also be used to display store-specific offers. With local promotions, you can promote in-store offers such as, “buy one get one free”, “30% off”, etc. Everyone participating in merchant promotions is eligible to use local promotions. If you do not have a digital store on Google, create one today with Google My Business profile and connect your customers across Google. 
  2. Promote your locations: According to Google, 60% of shoppers this year plan to do at least part of their purchases in small businesses. Local campaigns that specifically measure and optimize physical store visits and local operations (call and click directions) can help businesses and allow them to promote their location on Google Maps, Search, YouTube, Gmail, and Google display ads. Highlight your business locations, business hours, services, offers, etc., and increase in-store sales. With machine learning, it has become easier to promote your business’s physical locations across various Google properties.
  3. Optimize for online and physical stores: Increase sales by optimizing your campaigns for maximum return from online and offline conversions. Advertisers can boost physical store visits by local ads to help them increase physical store visits & sales and as well as boost online sales. With Smart Bidding, you can boost your business sales, be it online or physical store. Smart bidding allows real-time ad auctions based on your business goals. Using Search & Shopping campaigns, you can optimize for your omnichannel goals and see your sales numbers elevate, be it online or in-store sales! 

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